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The Values of Ethics and Morals / FIGU INFO / Free Download

Billy Eduard Albert Meier / June 4, 2023 / FIGU Switzerland

The Values of Ethics and Morals

The following interest-theoretical explanation should make it easier for the human being to understand why he or she should form and lead his or her life and existence ethically-morally

Ethics and morals are both undoubtedly related and often equated, but there is a decisive difference, because the respective norms and values of morals are considered to be a sole group, whereas ethics rather describes what is right or wrong, which can be explained by a different and scientific description as a general discussion of 'right' and 'wrong'. Nevertheless, ethics and morals will be explained in context below.
Everywhere there are opportunities to behave consciously according to ethics and morals, to behave politely, honestly, tolerantly and considerately, thus in daily life as well as throughout life in general. An ethical-moral behaviour in the naturally given form can be practised in all situations of existence, thus in all private areas, in every society, at work, with friends and acquaintances, as well as in the family, with everyone's dealings, and also in road traffic, and so forth. Ethics and morals are also practical instructions for the life-conduct, for conditions and rules that are of value in this respect, as well as for correct actions and doings, which human beings have to concern themselves with again and again. In particular, with that, always in the foreground are ethics and morals in their worthy traditional forms, which are listed as special values, namely the protection of life, free will, right action and the maintenance of freedom.
The values and rules that are generally accepted in the family, in a friendship, acquaintance or society are thus referred to as ethical-moral. When it is thereby said that a human being has acted or is acting ethically-morally correct, then this means that he or she has made such an effort with his or her behaviour or is making such an effort as human beings have found or find to be right and good. In the process, the values and rules of ethics and morals are considered good and are generally recognised as valueful.
With ethics and morals, there are also certain recommendations that prescribe a certain ethical-moral action, such as it being explicitly recommended in writing or verbally: "You shall not kill", as well as the "You shall not steal", in which case without these recommendations as laws, a living together in a society is not possible in a good form.
An unethical-immoral action is precisely wrong and bad when it is carried out even though it is contrary to duty and is carried out due to carelessness, anger or explicitly because there is a bad and revengeful or selfish motive behind it.
The interhuman life is actually naturally regulated ethically-morally and thus by the natural ethics and morals, in which case these also have a regulating function, and...[article continues with this link]