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Anger and Rage / FIGU INFO / Free Download

Billy Eduard Albert Meier / FIGU Switzerland

Translation: Vibka Wallder

Due to ununderstanding, popularly, anger and rage are often put on the same level as each other, however, it thereby concerns two fundamentally different factors, which also have different manifestations and effects. And it must also be clear that anger cannot be fought and overcome with anger, and rage not with rage. However, if in regard to anger and rage an attempt is nonetheless made to fight like with the like, then this usually leads to very devastating results. Anger and rage are therefore never a means to fight anger and rage, because truthly everything is aggravated and incessantly further increased, up to the destructive explosion.

Thus it is necessary to bring anger and rage under control, to contain them and to take on an opposite attitude and behaviour pattern. However, this requires much patience, feeling for others and tolerance, and only these high behavioural values guarantee that anger and rage can be brought under control and be contained, as a result of which true peace and harmony can also come forth.

If the anger or the rage of a human being is responded to in this manner, then this alone can guarantee that his/her anger or rage calms down bit by bit and decreases. However, what is to be understood in regard to anger and rage and the difference between them?

By definition, anger is a violent, uncontained outburst - leading right up to a fury - of uncontrolled, wild thoughts and their feelings as well as the emotions. Thereby the emotions must not be equated with...[article continues with this link]