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Concentration & Meditation for Beginner's / FIGU INFO / Free Download

Billy Eduard Albert Meier / FIGU Switzerland


One of the most frequent complaints of the human beings is that of the inadequacy and the waning of the memory. With the concentration upon anything, it ought to be as bad as with the retaining of names, dates and many other things. This apparent incapability, sudden or accrued over considerable time, to retain any data or to concentrate on anything, very often causes headaches when attempting to remember or to concentrate. Also, uncalmness, sleeplessness and many other phenomena break forth and create a high degree of nervousness and insecurity. Even rising feelings of an approaching breakdown are not uncommon.

All human beings suffering under these terrible things must become quite clearly conscious of one thing: nothing in the least is lacking with their memory because it is as unrestrictedly efficient as always. Namely, there is neither a weak nor a good or bad memory. There is only a fully efficient and correctly working memory, which indeed must be kept functioning by the human being. Hence, the causes of so-called memory disturbances, concentration difficulties and memory blockages, etc., only lie partially in the lack of interest of the human being concerned or in an overloading of the memory with rubbish, worries and problems, with fixed ideas and other disturbing factors. If these disturbing factors become eliminated, then...[article continues with download link]