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Concentration – Meditation – Sleep / FIGU INFO / Free Download

Billy Eduard Albert Meier / FIGU Switzerland

Translation: Vibka Wallder

Concentration – Meditation – Sleep

The concentration is a state of consciousness in which the human being consciously gathers himself/herself by means of the thoughts and feelings and precisely directs his/her perception and attention pointedly towards a certain culmination point, which serves the interest. The normal state of consciousness is not concentrated, but anchors in an absent-mindedness and fleetingness by which no real concentration is effective. The usual state of consciousness is far too uncontrolled, too weak and too fickle to be able to grasp the nature of the reality, that is to say, to be able to understand the reality in its actual existence. Therefore if something is meant to be comprehended and understood, then what is required is an intentional concentration on the predetermined factor which is envisaged as a meritorious culmination point, that is to say, that the concentration and the interest is directed at it. In order to comprehend and understand the nature of reality it is absolutely necessary to comprehend the reality in its complete extensiveness. Therefore, if the human being wants to free himself/herself or his/her fellow human beings from lack of understanding, then he/she must focus on it through concentration. Thus it is necessary to train the consciousness in such a wise that it becomes a useful tool with which everything can be clearly recognised, realised and understood. The consciousness must be made into a weapon which is used like a sharp sword to cut off all that is absent-minded and fleeting. One must learn to use the consciousness for the conscious and firm concentration, because this is the practise by which everything, which causes the uncontrolledness, that which is fleeting and the absent-mindedness, is switched off. Through concentration the consciousness has to be trained in such a manner that it becomes powerful and effective, that - focused, precisely and effortlessly – it works directed...[article continues with this link]