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Billy Eduard Albert Meier / FIGU Switzerland

Ideas of Partnership

Many humans conceive ideas of anything and are then bitterly disappointed if these do not come true. In this way, there are ideas in regard to situations, to any events, to certain things and places, to enjoyment foods, etc., and the list could endlessly continue. About what the discussion here shall be, however, is the idea that humans conceive of other humans, specifically, with regard to a male partner or a female partner, which, as a rule, not only leads to heavy disappointment, psychological damage and to depression but also to many humans remaining alone and single their whole lives or entering into partnerships that are doomed to failure from the very beginning.
Very many women and men consciously, unconsciously or subconsciously conceive ideas of how their male and female partner, respectively, should look, be cultivated and disposed, which, however, as a rule, rests on unfulfillable wishes, hopes and expectations. Women and men dream, in their ideas, of a perfect, ideal male and female partner, respectively. A perfect, slender body haunts the ideas, proportionally balanced so much like an adonis or a lovely goddess. However, not only a perfect appearance is desired but even the perfection of the person, including an impeccable character as well as aligned interests in regard to work and hobbies. But the ideas also rest in that the male or female partner should be mature in manners and virtues, whereby there also must be no lack of honest love and the willingness to build a perfect family with many, many children and one's own home. Naturally, in addition to that, the finances must not come up short, because money and assets are absolutely important, which is why the earnings for the livelihood, all luxuries and for all wish fulfillments must not be too low on both sides. The ideal male or female partner must totally be seen perfect in every respect, complete and be willing to conform to the conceived ideas. But particularly this desired perfection is an unfulfillable idea because there is no perfect and complete human, neither a woman nor a man, on the earth or anywhere in the universe. Therefore, if the human, female or male, becomes obsessed with the ideas of perfection and completeness in regard to a male or a female partner, then it results, as a rule, in the foregone conclusion that these ideas, wishes, expectations and hopes are never fulfilled.
Ideas are right and good if the human sets out to do something, such as dealing with a job, building a house, planting a tree or performing a day's work, for which he conceives the final result, and he strives for this by preparing himself for it and working towards it till the conceived goal is reached, and the idea is therefore realized. However, to harbor and to cultivate ideas in regard to a human, how this human has to have a perfect and complete nature in many a thing and should conform to all ideas, expectations, hopes and wishes, is quite simply illusory.
The human, woman or man, cannot be judged by his appearance, not by his money and possessions, not by his occupation and hobby, and not simply by his inclinations, and also not by his slimness or obesity, if the ideas go there. In fact, the great value of the human lies in his mental toughness, in his true, honest, humane and positive thoughts and feelings, in the state of his consciousness and psyche, in his attitude, in his virtues, in the true love as well as in his effective knowledge and that of inner peace, which...[article continues with this link]