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Aging / FIGU INFO / Free Download

Billy Eduard Albert Meier / FIGU Switzerland


Aging causes certain humans worries and problems, and they stubbornly refuse to become old. Many wrongly believe to be able to make themselves more beautiful and younger through ointments or through cosmetic surgeries because they are not able to come to terms with aging. These are all the humans who deceive themselves, are not really viable and live in the delusion that only staying young and looking young fulfill the true meaning of life. But what is true about this delusion? Really absolutely nothing because proportional beauty and wrinkles in the face due to progressive decline of the body and to aging in years are not of importance, but rather the fulfillment of life's meaning, which rests in the evolution of the consciousness and the fulfillment of the Creational-natural laws, from which true knowledge, true wisdom, freedom, harmony and real peace as well as joy and happiness result.
What is so bad about becoming old then? Aging is not important, but rather how and what the human lives, what he makes out of his life, what good and positive as well as humane things he does and what he does in regard to being a human, how high he develops his consciousness, how positive and good he is, how he associates with the fauna and flora and how he treats, values, reveres and loves his fellow human. Therefore, what matters to the human is, in fact, not so much how long he walks the earth because what...[article continues with this link]