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The Supernatural, or the Feinstoffsinnlich, or Fluidal-powers / FIGU INFO / Free Download

Billy Eduard Albert Meier / FIGU Switzerland

Translation: Vivienne Legg and Dyson Devine / Revision: November 2010, by Dyson Devine and Vivienne Legg in collaboration with Vibka Wallder

The Supernatural, or the Feinstoffsinnlich, or Fluidal-powers / Billy Meier's answer to a reader's question, published in the FIGU-Special-Bulletin No 38, August 2007

Translators note: Please refer to the end of this document to read an explanation about the unconventional and strange English word-choices, and the German words, used in this translation. Please refer to footnotes for definitions of German words.

Reader's Question: What essentially is to be understood by the term "supernatural"? What exactly is that, and how exactly does it function? One always hears so much about this supernatural, especially that one can thereby see spirits and hear the dead talk, or one can be called by the dying, and so forth. What is one to make of that? Nothing of that kind has ever happened to me yet, but acquaintances have told me that it has already been the case with them. Can you tell me something more exact about that? R. Strässler, Switzerland

Answer: The answer to this question turns out to be quite extensive since the whole matter cannot simply be made clear with a few words. So I will satisfy your interest with part of a lesson from the spiritual teaching in which the following is explained:

The supernatural, or the Feinstofflich, or Fluidal-powers.

The term “supernatural” is an incorrect word which is utilised to describe something perceptible, which, for the human being, lies beyond that which is normal, material - that is to say - beyond that which pertains to the material senses, and thereby beyond the capabilities of material perception, therefore, rather, in the realm of the Feinstofflich. To designate that which is feinstofflich - the fluidal - as supernatural, is fundamentally wrong because, truly, there is nothing which lies beyond the perception of the human's senses, rather only something which belongs beyond material sensitivity, in the realm of the feinstoffsinnlich. I am talking, in particular, about the effect of feinstofflich thought-vibrations which, in their Feinstofflichkeit form, are designated as fluidal energies and fluidal forces, and which, created by the thoughts and feelings, also yield, outside of the brain, the most varied effects which can also be perceived by other human beings. These fluidal energies and their powers are not only the energies relating to telepathy, levitation and teleportation, rather also those of clairvoyance and remote viewing, whereby, for every single factor, manifestations occur which are individually different for each human being. With the reading of thoughts and with actual telepathy and all other neurophysiological factors, alpha waves play a big role, as they do with meditation, because these flow, in the thought-current, synchronously through both hemispheres of the brain, whereby they are also active with the processing of pictures and pictorial imaginings, as is also the case under hypnosis and...[article continues with this link]