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The Deadly Might of Thoughts and Feelings / FIGU INFO / Free Download

Billy Eduard Albert Meier / FIGU Switzerland

Translation: Vivienne Legg and Dyson Devine

The Deadly Might of Thoughts and Feelings / from FIGU Special Bulletin, number 55, August 2010

Placebo preparations, (Latin: "I will please"), only appear to be medications and contain no active medicinal agent, but, in spite of that, cause effects in the human being, such as those which become evident with real medicinal medications.

Put another way, that means that human beings are, for example, freed from pain or are even healed of suffering by things which only appear to be medicines, that is to say, placebo preparations. In contrast to placebo preparations, there are the so-called nocebo preparations (Latin: "I will harm"), which, likewise, correspond to things which appear to be medicines, and so forth, and which fundamentally are also nothing other than placebos, which, as a rule, are made of sugar or other harmless substances and are therefore also called "sugar pills" and so forth.

So, it can be said that placebo and nocebo preparations are essentially the same, however, are fundamentally different in their effect, exactly in accord with that which the patients, when they take such preparations, imagine in relation to the effect. The effect of placebo preparations is such that they act to promote health and relieve pain, or to even heal, while nocebo preparations have exactly the opposite effect. With the taking of nocebo preparations, which are truly also placebos, negative effects such as painand suffering are caused as a result of the patient's negative imagination, therefore exactly the opposite of that which occurs when placebos, which are assumed to be means of healing, are taken.

With the taking of nocebo preparations, when they are assumed to be damaging to the health or even deadly, that which comes about as a result of the imagination is: all kinds of pain, suffering, breathing difficulties, nausea and even symptoms of poisoning, dizziness, thirst, hunger, sudden sinking of the blood pressure, and all kinds of other things, which can lead to actual death as a result of the delusion.

The might of the thoughts is always bound up with corresponding feelings, which do indeed result from the world of thoughts, and, in this combination, they form a deadly might, and also precisely in the context in which some preparation or other is taken - which is essentially only a fake medication, respectively, fake preparation or fake substance without active agents, and is completely harmless - but which has negative effects and consequently, as a result of a supposition, introduces suffering, pain, or death.

So, human beings who are weary of life, can, for example, form deeply impressed, dark imaginations of an imminent misfortune, or of their own deaths, which actually also...[article continues with this link]