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Billy Eduard Albert Meier / FIGU Switzerland

Translation: Adam Dei Rocini

Excerpt from the 633rd Official Contact Report from the 25th October, 2015

Billy: You told me once that you have conducted studies of many years in regard to terrestrial films and computer games in order to research which Gewalt-based and compulsive effects arise for the human being out of war-based, anti-war-based, terrifying, horrific, criminal and felonious and also torturous, murderous and homicidal films. Can you tell me today which results you have arrived at regarding this?

Ptaah: Our investigations in this matter are based upon long-term studies which have still not ended, because a duration of 30 years is in place for this. We began with this in June 1987, thus the whole thing does not end until the year 2017 and a final outcome will be given. For this purpose both the age and gender, the personality structure, problem solving competence as well as the capability for thought and feeling control are to be observed, and also the social environment, such as parental home, concept of upbringing, friendships, acquaintanceships, and societal standing, etc. In addition, also situational factors must be included, such as work, state of consciousness, boredom, life-conduct, life-forming-process and life-attitude, etc. Only whilst taking into consideration all these connected factors can precise cognitions and results of the studies be ascertained. Only under these and various other necessary prerequisites can precise cognitions and results be worked out. However, what has resulted in the ongoing findings of the investigations up to this point is truly frightening, because it corresponds to exactly the opposite of that which the terrestrial psychologists, etc., claim. From the whole of our very precise Earth-wide and heretofore conducted studies of the Earth human beings, it follows, without any doubt and absolutely clearly, that through such computer games and films, as well as through theatrical performances in the same context, the majority of the human beings who watch such films and stage plays or play such computer games, is very adversely affected. The Earth human beings are very strongly affected negatively, and affected...[article continues with this link]