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Contact Report #836 / February 28, 2023 / FIGU INFO / Free Download

Billy Eduard Albert Meier / FIGU Switzerland

Ptaah: You look weary in the world, Eduard, my friend. But greetings to you.

Billy: I was in the cellar just now because I was summoned, so I am only coming back now. You must have come here as soon as I left? It was only a few minutes, after all.

Ptaah: Yes, it was really only a few minutes because I could still hear you when you went out the door and now you have come back.

Billy: So you did not have to wait long. – Well, I am tired because I have not slept much, because it has been about 9 hours since Friday night until today. Unfortunately, that is all I could do, but it is no use talking about it, because I cannot change it. Tell me please, why you came here today?

Ptaah: We should not talk about that openly, consequently you better set down your dots when you call up our conversation and write it down.

Billy: Whatever you say – shall we right now ...

Ptaah: Yes, it would be good if we discuss what is really important right at the beginning. In doing so ...

Billy: ... But what we have to talk about, I will just put down dots when I recall it, because there is no point ...

Ptaah: It is to be maintained so, because it is of necessity.

Billy: Yes, you are absolutely right, and I will see to it that ... But we from the FIGU can do nothing about it, consequently everything will turn out as Sfath, your father, and I, have observed on our journeys to the future.

Ptaah: That is undoubtedly the case, for these are events that you have seen and partly witnessed in the future. But there were also many pleasant things; for example, I read that you were also in the South American rainforest and that you saw and experienced many things there that human beings do not know exist there.

Billy: That was so, yes, that is right. There, for example, I saw creatures in the middle of the jungle between the dark trees in the high rainwater that I would never have expected to see there. And if I were to say what they were, people will say that my stories are just lies and hoaxes, which is why I prefer to keep quiet and not talk about it. Even my teachers, who were otherwise good and fair to me, like Fehr and Leemann, but also Pastor Zimmerman, said that this was not possible and that I was fabricating, which they also said at first because of Sfath, until they were proven wrong. But Sfath never took them to the rainforest, consequently I could not prove to them that I was not fibbing.

Ptaah: But it is a bit different today, consequently it might even be good if you say what you experienced.

Billy: Why so?

Ptaah: If you tell something, then it may contribute to more thorough thinking about the need to better protect nature and its creatures, as well as that, that self-action regarding nature protection is taken in hand, instead of stupid demonstrations and making big words as well as hand-waving on the streets, which brings no success, but the planet, nature and its fauna and flora are nevertheless still stupidly and unconscionably destroyed and annihilated. Firstly, it is more than urgently necessary that a worldwide and long-lasting cessation of births and thus a rapid reduction of Earth's human beings is legally decreed, as well as that the individual human being becomes suffused with reason and thought and makes an effort to become truly self-acting with regard to nature and the protection of living beings and flora. Domestic animals such as dogs and cats, birds in small cages, rodents, etc. must be kept fairly according to their innate nature, which will be possible only in extremely few cases. Earth-humans themselves must do all that is necessary on their own initiative and self-acting, for loud-mouthed demonstrations, gluing of hands as well as wanton destruction will achieve nothing, whereby a reduction of Earth's humanity and an improvement and end to environmental destruction would be achieved.

Billy: I guess you are right about that. – Well, in the rainforest in South America I experienced things that sound really crazy, because there I saw, for example, tiny frogs that were no bigger than about 8 to 10 millimetres, but on the other hand very large otters that were 150 or even 170 centimetres tall. But there were also real dolphins in the dark and deep rainwater in the middle of the jungle between the huge trees, as well as large herds of capybaras. And what I saw there in the jungle I saw nowhere else, namely that jaguars hunted, killed and ate caimans. I also saw birds that had self-luminous plumage, as well as mushrooms, etc. that were self-luminous and mainly seen at night, as well as self-luminous beetles and caterpillars and so on. Sfath said that hundreds of thousands and probably millions of genera and species of living beings still existed in the rainforest which had not yet been discovered by Earth- humans.

Ptaah: That is indeed so, but that you have now for once openly said something that is real and effective, which is that it also arises elsewhere in primeval forests; that is good.

Billy: Maybe – but probably I will be accused of lying or at least fibbing. But it does not really matter, because the same kind of thing happens with contact with you. But I actually wanted to address something else earlier, namely artificial intelligence, as this madness is called, will unfortunately come in the future completely differently than those responsible for it imagine in their stupidity, but then, when they realise their mistake, then it will be too late. This, as well as with regard to the fact that the earthlings cannot inhabit this planet forever, which they have already fundamentally destroyed to a large extent, as well as making a mess of the climate. Only then, if the Earthlings succeed in finding...[continues]

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