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Contact Report #857 [Excerpt] / What is True Love ? / July 29, 2023 / FIGU INFO / Free Download

Billy Eduard Albert Meier / FIGU Switzerland

Billy: Yes, the foreign ... Actually, we have talked about it many times, but what's the point, namely nothing. What true love actually is, however, is obviously a problem for many Earthlings, but we have also dealt with this topic many times and always only privately. Now, however, a very religious woman telephoned me and asked if I could say something about it from our point of view.

Ptaah: Of course, and you can do that as well as I can. So you explain what is to be explained.

Billy: As you wish. – Then I will seek to find the correct words. – Good: In order for love to be understood correctly, it is to be said that it is not boastful towards fellow human beings and not such that it needs to be explicitly mentioned, but that it is simply brought to bear. True love tends towards friendliness and patience, is not fickle and never changeable, but is constant, persistent, ironclad and never allows inhibitions, violence, bitterness, devaluation, uptightness or sullenness etc. True love is never hurtful, whether in terms of decency or physically or in any other manner, just as it is never concerned with personal gain or resentful. It also never allows itself to be provoked or led astray under any circumstances. With regard to truth, it is the foremost commandment, just as it also unquestioningly takes upon itself everything that has to be done dutifully, which maintains it in honour and dignity. True love never loses the knowledge of reality, truth and hope and endures infinitely and never fades.

True love is not only the true content of life, but it embodies all that is hopeful and overwhelming, all that is good and truly human. True love is such that it never falls into any unrighteous deed and does not harbour jealousy, insolence or intentions of any evil.

True love is an eternal state and attitude of immutability in every sphere and situation of life, and it decides the human beings to become love itself. True love prevents all cold-heartedness, domination, selfishness, revenge, retaliation, overreaching, etc., as well as that there is no subordination, but equality as well as equal rights, and thus never subjugation.

Pursuing true love means that the human being submits to it and always does what is best for his fellow human beings and for himself, as well as for the animal world, the world of animals and the world of living beings and for the entire world of nature and plants.

True love means to respect and fulfil one's own demands exactly and to hold them in honour and dignity, as also those of one's fellow human beings, the animals, the animal world and the living beings and all genus and species of plants from the tree to the blade of grass, moss, the waters and micro-organisms etc.

True love means true life, and true love is constantly growing, like life. And true love means the good and the beautiful, the best, the right and the valuable in all ways of life and existence. And true love is above all, whatever it is of the best, the good and the right, and it constantly and always ensures the practical presence and realisation of the best, the good and the right.

True love is the perfection of all that exists itself and constantly strives for its own growth in the process of living, existing and being present in everything and everyone.

This is actually what can be said in a nutshell, although there is much more that could be said. But I think that with my explanation the broad outlines have been stated.

Ptaah: That is explained in the manner we really understand true love, but there would be, as you say, much more to explain about it. But now I must go, because...[Link to the complete Contact Report #857]