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Contact Report #1 / January 28, 1975 / FIGU INFO / Free Download

Billy Eduard Albert Meier / FIGU Switzerland


Billy's first face-to-face meeting with Semjase, a female Erran from the Plejares, on 28th January 1975 in the countryside of Switzerland, Europe. Wasn't his first conversation with extraterrestrials, it began earlier in 1942 when Eduard (nicknamed Billy) was aged 5, he is now 38 in 1975.

Semjase introduces herself and explains some of the why's Billy has been contacted by the Plejaren (then known as Pleiadians for reasons which later become clearer).

First Conversation / introductory Conversation / (Literal reproduction, as far as remembered)

Semjase: You are a fearless human being.

Billy: I have unlearned the anxiety and have become objective.

Semjase: I know, as we have been studying you for years.

Billy: Very nice, and why?

Semjase: Because we would like to clarify some things through you.

Billy: Isn't someone else suitable for that?

Semjase: Certainly, but we have kept an eye on you, because you have been preoccupied with these problems in other personalities for many thousands of years, and because you think and act in a real and honest way, and because you have already often carried out such a mission in your former lives, even though great mysteries surround this for us.

Billy: Thanks for the "flowers".[1]

Semjase: No need to, because they are your own merit.

Billy: Fine, but who are you, really?

Semjase: You can just call me you,[2] like I do too.

Billy: Thanks – but now, who are you?

Semjase: I am called Semjase and I come from the Pleiades.[3]

Billy: From the Seven Stars?[4]

Semjase: Certainly.

Billy: Nice trip, if I may say so. How do you accomplish that? Maybe through the hyperspace?

Semjase: You often know more than we'd like you to know.

Billy: Why? After all, I am discreet and not a chatterbox.

Semjase: I know that, and that's why your knowledge is in the right place. Therefore, I and everyone else are not worried.

Billy: Why did you block my way to your ship? Was it because of the film in my camera; would it have been destroyed?

Semjase: Of course, because you should at least have photo evidence.

Billy: I see, so I am supposed to go public. But how am I supposed to arrange that?

Semjase: You shall, and I will explain the way to you later.

Billy: Well then; isn't it a little dangerous to leave your ship landed on the ground so openly when other human beings might pass by?

Semjase: Don't worry, because it is ensured that no human being can get closer than within a radius of 500 metres.[5] Moreover, the beamship is protected by the forest and the hills against sight from afar.

Billy: Then I, as a human being, should be the only one involved in this meeting?

Semjase: Yes, and you know why.

Billy: I understand – unfortunately.

Semjase: Even if you regret it, there is nothing that can be changed about it – not even in the future.

Billy: I already understand – my dear fellow human beings ...

Semjase: Sure, their consciousness-based cognitions rest in wrong paths. But you have made the effort and have learned. You have found the truth in other personalities already many thousands and even millions of years ago and have acquired the knowledge. That is why you stand out from the great mass of human beings on the Earth, and that is why we have turned to you.

Billy: You always say "we"; does that mean that ...?

Semjase: Certainly. I told you before, you often know more than we'd like. Please keep quiet about it, because the truth as it is is already hard enough for the human beings.

Billy:I have never possessed this knowledge, and consequently I also cannot say...[Link to the complete Contact Report #1 here]