Destruction of the Environment as the Consequence of Overpopulation / FIGU INFO / Free Download



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Destruction of the Environment as the Consequence of Overpopulation / FIGU INFO / Free Download

 Billy Eduard Albert Meier / FIGU Switzerland

Translation: FIGU Landesgruppe Australia

The following article is a summary of prophecies, predictions and probability calculations, which were discussed in various conversations between the Plejaren Ptaah and BEAM in regard to the environmental destruction of the planet Earth as the consequence of machinations and modes of behaviour which are criminal, irresponsible and have gotten very badly out of the control of the good human nature due to the terrestrial-human overpopulation. The detailed data and facts which are especially mentioned in the article correspond to the information and calculations of the Plejaren, Ptaah.

The world will certainly not end, but it will very dramatically change as will also be the case in regard to the entire humanity itself and its existence. To what extent these dramatic-drastic changes become reality depends on how and in which measure the world-population increases, and therefore how much the worldwide overpopulation continues to increase in the future, just as it also further depends on how much further the impairment, destruction and elimination of nature, its fauna and flora, the climate and the planet – called forth through the criminal machinations of the overpopulation – will continue to be irresponsibly advanced. Right on the front line of the elimination of nature as well as the destruction of the flora and fauna are thereby agriculture, as well as the commercial nurseries, and so forth, as well as many human beings among the people who spread millions of tonnes of chemical poisons into nature and its fauna and flora as well as on and in the food crops, in order to have these flourish and grow and to protect them from weeds, from damage and from vermin. The incomprehensible amount of chemical poisons which are deposited in the food plants of all kinds and then are eaten by the human being, lead to him/her becoming sick, wasting away and finally dying. And the fact that also valuable plants, animals, other creatures, lizards, insects, aquatic life-forms and birds are poisoned and exterminated by these chemical poisons is a further inexcusable factor which, on one hand, must be held against agriculture and the commercial garden businesses, and so forth, but also the agronomists and propagandists of chemicals and those among the people who are users of chemicals. This is so because, on one hand, as a result of their stupidity or greed for profit, they consciencelessly utilise chemical poisons and introduce them into the natural foods – and thereby also into the animals which are kept and slaughtered for the meat requirement of the human beings, which then of course get into the human food cycle – and thereby endanger the health of the human beings and affect them in a form that damages the health. But on the other hand it is also the agriculture and the other businesses which raise and fatten the cattle, poultry and all kinds of animals, whereby these feedlot animals are treated with diverse antibiotics, and indeed prophylactically, in order to prevent illnesses. That these antibiotics also deposit themselves in the flesh of the cattle, poultry and the animals, and, when eaten by the human beings, are then again assimilated and create a resistance to antibiotics in them – consequently he/she can no longer be healed from diverse illnesses or can no longer be protected from infections, and so forth, which often results in death – does not concern the raisers of cattle, poultry and animals at all. The main thing for them is only the greed-conditioned financial profit, because, from this kind of seeing and acting, and thereby in this regard, they do not know any responsibility for the fellow human beings nor for nature and its fauna and flora, which they poison and contaminate. And also in the future that will continue for a...[article continues with this link]