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Basic Rules of FIGU - Basic Rules of Man / FIGU INFO / Free Download

Billy Eduard Albert Meier / FIGU Switzerland

[Basic Rules of FIGU i.e. Basic Rules of Man by Eduard Albert Meier (14 years old) Regensdorf, Switzerland]

Saturday, February 3, 1951, 20:02

1. Each human being must ask himself for, search for, and find his own meaning of life, and must want to use it (the meaning of life) for the improvement of his life and actions.

2. Each human being must be himself and be his own “guiding personality”, who therefore develops his own resounding ideas and pursues and realizes them.

3. Each human being must let his own reason and his own understanding be exercised in such a way that he demands from himself that which is best and the most salutary; (and) that he forms himself according to his own will, and that he obeys (the demands of) his own needs in his own free way.

4. Each human being must form himself in such a way that he always is himself, has originally-own (unique), intensive experiences, (and) that he never lets himself be enslaved or subjugated in any other way and, consequently, preserves his internal and external freedom in every respect; in his thoughts and feelings as well as in his decisions, views, opinions, emotions and actions, etc.

5. Each human being must show towards himself the friendliness and love that is necessary for him, and (must) feel safe and secure within himself as well as being honest towards himself in such a way that he may understand his own thoughts, feelings, emotions, actions and opinions, etc.

6. Each human being must direct his thoughts, feelings, ideas, wishes, needs and actions etc. in such a way that he feels capable for high-reaching goals that, however, shall always be in accordance with his abilities and possibilities and, therefore, shall not be exaggerated and too highly elevated.

7. Each human being shall see and know himself as he really is; therefore he shall not think of himself as a perfect world for this is not possible for any person because each one must learn and, consequently, is exposed to mistakes and imperfection. Therefore, it is not possible that everything...[scroll to article with this link]