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When the Human Being is Ruled by Anxiety / FIGU INFO / Free Download

Billy Eduard Albert Meier / FIGU Switzerland

Translation: Vibka Wallder

When the Human Being is Ruled by Anxiety

If the human being is unhappy and unsatisfied, then it is part of his/her habit to complain again and again about life and the struggle for it, because he/she is of the erroneous opinion that life is biased, unfair and even a dangerous and risky business. In his/her colourful and unrealistic fantasies, he/she paints in his/her mind all imaginable dire happenings and situations as well as blatant evil that could ensue, happen to him/her and endanger the security of his/her existence or even his/her life. No doubt it is fact that all around the world, every day, evil and bad happenings take place; consequently the news broadcasts on the radio and television as well as in the newspapers and on the internet report about murder and manslaughter, about uproar and insurgence, about dramas regarding marriages, jealousy, families and hate, about fanaticism and radicalism and about religious-sectarian and political Ausartungen, wars and so forth. Also illnesses and rampantly spreading diseases belong to such occurrences, but nevertheless no such happenings give one the right to complain about life or bemoan it, to condemn it as being unsafe, risky, unfair or dangerous. This is because life itself is indeed fair and the evil, negative and bad that occurs is not made by life itself but solely and exclusively by the human being of Earth. And if he/she is now an unhappy and unsatisfied human being, then it does not come about from all the evil, negative and bad world happenings, rather because solely and exclusively he/she is responsible for his/her unhappy-unsatisfied state due to his/her thoughts and feelings, his/her actions and modes of behaviour. Also his/her anxiety about the bitter, evil, negative, bad and catastrophic world happenings...[article continues with this link]