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The Human Being his/her Life Struggle and his/her Self Finding / FIGU INFO / Free Download

Billy Eduard Albert Meier / February 5, 2018 / FIGU Switzerland

Every day, the human being wages a life struggle with himself/herself and toils through his/her existence, and this is only because his/her thoughts and feelings, as well as his/her actions and modes of behaviour are not aligned with the creational-natural laws and recommendations. These laws and recommendations are based on causality, according to which every cause that is created also produces a very specific effect. If therefore, thoughts and feelings are created as causes, and actions are carried out and modes of behaviour are displayed, then these infallibly cause an effect to arise from them. Accordingly, if the human being considers his/her existence and life to be strenuous and troublesome, he/she calls forth the causes that bring him/her correspondingly evil, bad and negative effects.

Therefore he/she therewith wages a nonsensical life struggle, which he/she can absolutely avoid if he/she aligns his/her thoughts, feelings, actions, deeds and modes of behaviour according to how these are laid down by the creational-natural laws and recommendations. And this means nothing other than that the entire world of thoughts, feelings, actions, deeds and behaviour must be directed simply, well, naturally, positively and in the right form towards everything that is worth living for, beneficial, worthy of appreciation and salubrious, as it is laid down by the reality of life according to the creational-natural laws and recommendations. Thereby the whole thing has nothing to do with a religious belief, but solely and exclusively with reality and its truth, which appear in the existence and in life. And if the human being follows these guidelines of reality and its truth, then he/she also follows the creationally-naturally laid down laws and recommendations and does not have to wage an extraordinarily hard life struggle and constantly make a strict effort to make ends meet. But the whole thing also means that he/she must learn to be himself/herself, to find himself/herself and to realise himself/herself. Therefore he/she must not be a herd animal and not simply allow himself/herself to be swept along in the tremendous stream of those who fail in their life struggle and miserably get lost in the shuffle.

He/she must also not simply see or think that others are better off than he/she is, just as he/she must not simply console himself/herself over all the difficulty and over all the adversity in his/her life with indifferent phrases and thus burden himself/herself with a sad fate. However, if he/she does this, he/she becomes anxious, somehow morbidly serious, expressionless and lifeless as well as bitter; consequently his/her eyes become dull and empty and can no longer openly look out into the world. His/her eyes no longer reflect the true life, rather are like dark caves in which sadness and depression lurk. This is the case while in the thoughts and feelings everything is turned into unmanageable efforts and the delusion arises that life itself is just exhausting and difficult and cannot be changed. However, this is not really so, because if life as such is strenuous and difficult, and a constant life struggle must be waged, then the human being himself/herself makes it so, and indeed solely because he/she approaches life wrongly, understands it wrongly and acts contrary to it, both beginning with his/her thoughts and feelings and also with regard to his/her actions, the performance of his/her deeds and the carrying out of his/her modes of behaviours, and this happens in every form with regard to his/her own person as well as with regard to his/her fellow human beings and to the whole environment.

If one looks into the face of a human being who is unhappy and dissatisfied, one can see exactly what he/she has made of his/her life and how he/she leads it. He/she lives in the illusion and in the supposed knowledge – which truthly corresponds to a delusion – that life is inevitably exhausting and a constant vexation. In this form he/she constantly wages an unnecessary life struggle, because he/she makes his/her life exhausting, joyless and indifferent, depressing and a...