Mattina Bread Box red


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Product Overview

Mattina Bread Box red

Bread Box with Cutting Board

BIG-GAME for Alessi 2022

Steel, Epoxy Resin, Bamboo Wood

[H 14 x L 34 x W 21cm]

The Big-Game design studio proposes a multi-purpose object designed to accompany a daily gesture, the consumption of bread, enhancing its ritual and convivial nature. Mattina is more than just a bread box, it is a container with a lid that is a practical chopping board designed for slicing bread in the best way possible without spreading crumbs across the table. It is a versatile object that can also be used to serve breakfast and has carrying handles on its side.

"A bread box with a cutting board that works as a lid. With convenient handles to bring it to the table. Following our bakers’ recommendation to keep good bread wrapped in a piece of cloth or paper and stored in a box that is not fully hermetic, it has small perforations to control humidity for ideal conservation."


BIG-GAME is a product and interior design studio created in 2004 by Augustin Scott de Martinville (French), Elric Petit (Belgian) and Grégoire Jeanmonod (Swiss). The studio is based in Lausanne, Switzerland.