Yoyo golden pink/brown

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Product Overview

Yoyo golden pink/brown

Weekly Pill Box with 7 sections

Michel Boucquillon for Alessi 2018

18/10 Stainless Steel with PVD coating, Thermoplastic resin

[Ø 7.5 x H 2.5cm]

YoYo is a handy weekly pill holder. A designer object with a glossy soul, to make sure you don't forget to take your medicine.

“When I have to take pills, I’m always afraid I’ll forget to do it. Perhaps I would like someone or something to remind me in a fun way". For this reason Michel Boucquillon found in a happy childhood memory - the popular toy, the yo-yo - the inspiration for a pill holder with the rounded, pleasant shape of that magical spool. Yo Yo is a pill holder with a stylish design, perfect for organising your medication by the days of the week. Safe and easy to use, ideal for popping in your pocket or bag, or leaving on display... to remind you to take your medicine.