Nunavik Bird 29171 / Inuit Art Sculpture


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Nunavik Bird 29171 / Inuit Art Sculpture

Aisa Papialuk from Puvurnituk, Quebec 1998

Inuit Sculpture from Nunavik / Certified by the Inuit Art Foundation

Hand-carved Steatite Stone

[H 13.5cm]

The Inuit of Nunavik (Northern Quebec) have a rich artistic tradition that is admired by enthusiasts the world over. Through their art and imagination, Inuit artists offer us glimpses of their traditions, beliefs and legends. This authentic Inuit sculpture is certified by the Inuit Art Foundation (formerly by the Canadian government) and as the authorized agent for Inuit artists each sculpture has a certificate of authenticity, otherwise known as the "Igloo Tag".

What is the Igloo Tag Trademark? The Igloo Tag Trademark is the internationally recognized symbol of authenticity for Inuit visual arts. Introduced in 1958 by the Canadian federal government, it was created to distinguish works handmade by Canadian artists of Inuit origin from mass-produced works made by non-Inuit using Arctic imagery. In doing so, it protects Inuit artists from fraud, cultural appropriation and theft.

The Igloo Tag Trademark certificate is provided with the relevant artwork and include the artist’s name, community, the title of the work and the year the artwork was made. A number to the bottom-right of the physical tag identifies the license holder.