Modern Zen Japanese Premium Incense Sampler

NIPPON KODO Incense | Japan

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Modern Zen Japanese Premium Incense Sampler

Nippon Kodo

Modern Zen allows you to sample some of Nippon Kodo's highest quality fragrances. The set comes with 3 sticks each of 6 fragrances in a unique package. Modern zen is a great way to try higher quality fragrances without having to purchase a large package of each. It can also be the perfect gift for an incense lover. Made in Japan.

Superior woody fragrance (Burning Time: Approx 13 min) This package includes 3 types of Aloeswood that was grown in the peaceful surroundings of nature over many years. Kyara is considered to be the best out of all of the different types of Aloeswood and is created from a specific part of the tree. Enjoy the elegance of Kyara Aloeswood.

  • Jinkoh Juzan, Aloeswood: This rich aroma was created by blending the clean scent of Aloeswood with the herbal scent of Sandalwood.
  • Kyara Kongo, Selected Aloeswood: An elegant fragrance made up of ample amounts of gorgeous Kyara Aloeswood that has a hint of sweetness.
  • Kyara Taikan, Premium Aloeswood: Plenty of spicy Kyara along with a touch of herbal Sandalwood blended to enhance the charm of Kyara and overall creating a subtle and profound fragrance.

Floral fragrance (Burning Time: Approx 12 min) During the 19th century, well-known incense craftsman Yujiro Kito was introduced to Western perfumes and was inspired to create premium Hana-No-Hana incense based on these fragrances. 100 years later, this incense is still beloved by many and is used as a base for various incense fragrances today.

  • Hana-no-Hana, Lily (Green) A fresh fragrance with a white floral base and hints of green.
  • Hana-no-Hana, Rose (Yellow) Rose and other floral scents with a woody undertone.
  • Hana-no-Hana, Violet (purple) The fragrance of violet blended with the mellow notes of musk.

Key Note: Aloeswood, Selected Aloeswood, Premium Aloeswood, Lily, Rose, Violet

- No bamboo core, clean burning, pure scent
- Box includes 18 premium sticks and a metal incense holder
- Beautiful package, perfect for a small gift
- May be used in meditation, relaxation, stress reduction, massaging, reading, yoga, bathroom, bedroom and intimate moments

[L: Incense stick 5.5cm / Box: L 17.5 x H 1 x W 10cm]

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