Ume Komon Floral Premium Sandalwood Japanese Incense

NIPPON KODO Incense | Japan

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Ume Komon Floral Premium Sandalwood Japanese Incense

Nippon Kodo Japan

[Box: L 10.8 cm x W 7.5 cm x H 1.8 cm]

Created as part of the Gen Collection Incense Series— a collection that was born based on the beautiful, traditionally crafted porcelain design, made in the Old Imari style. Perfect for gifts and travel to carry along.

UME KOMON is a refreshing and sweet floral premium sandalwood that is suitable for greeting guests as well as simply refreshing your mind.
It comes in a wood box and a ceramic incense stand. Makes an elegant gift.

Burn Time: 12 Minutes as the scent remains it keeps the room fragrant.

- No bamboo core, clean burning, pure scent
- Box includes 45 sticks and a ceramic incense holder
- Beautiful package, perfect for a small gift
- May be used in meditation, relaxation, stress reduction, massaging, reading, yoga, bathroom, bedroom and intimate moments

[L: Incense stick 5.7cm]

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