Kay Bojesen x Mads Norgaard Monkey 7.3"

Rosendahl Design Group | Denmark

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Bojesen x Mads Norgaard Monkey 7.3"

Kay Bojesen 1951/Re-edition Kay Bojesen Denmark 2014/Mads Norgarard and Rosendahl Design Group 2023/By Appointment to the Royal Danish Court

FSC® certified Teak Wood [Oiled], Limba Wood [Oiled], Paint

[H 7.3"]

Two of the most iconic milestones in Danish design history have joined forces to celebrate the smiling lines and cheerful stripes they have each contributed to Danish design. The famous Kay Bojesen Monkey was created back in 1951 when Kay Bojesen wanted to make a coat hook at child’s height so his children could reach their clothes. Instead, he ended up making a world-renowned Danish design icon. Now the iconic Monkey has got its own set of clothes. And what suits a Danish design icon better than another Danish design icon?

The Bojesen Monkey with the beautiful painted Nørgaard paa Strøget #101 T-shirt has a white with black stripes t-shirt. One can only find these iconic T-shirts with the exclusive Nørgaard paa Strøget version in the store on #101 Amagertorv in Copenhagen.

Kay Bojesen is synonymous with original Danish design. And the collaboration with Mads Nørgaard unites the love of durable and long-lasting products, while adding the playfulness and joyful quality that Kay Bojesen loved to add to his designs to spark the imagination and create original stories made of wood.

The iconic Monkey in new clothes is a fun and unpretentious celebration of both design icons. Variations may occur in the stripes since each monkey has its own unique characteristics due to the stripes being carefully applied through a handheld process for each Bojesen x Nørgaard Monkey.

[Legally harvested limba wood complies with the European Union Timber Regulation (EUTR) and the plantation teak guarantees responsible harvesting and better living conditions for locals living close to the plantations.]

The playful Monkey is a perfect design object for decorating your living space. This product is a historical Danish design toy reproduction appropriate for collectors over the age of 14+.

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