Kay Bojesen / Monkey 7.3"

Rosendahl Design Group | Denmark

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Kay Bojesen / Monkey 7.3"

Kay Bojesen 1951/Re-edition Kay Bojesen Denmark and Rosendahl Design Group 2014/By Appointment to the Royal Danish Court

Teak Wood [Oiled], Limba Wood [Oiled]

[H 7.3"]

The iconic and beloved Kay Bojesen Monkey was first produced in 1951. This cute little Monkey has just as much expressiveness as its different sized versions. Due to the natural qualities of wood products there will be natural wood colour marking and variations -- making every single toy-sculpture utterly unique.

[Legally harvested limba wood complies with the European Union Timber Regulation (EUTR) and the plantation teak guarantees responsible harvesting and better living conditions for locals living close to the plantations.]

The playful Monkey is a perfect design object for decorating your living space. This product is a historical Danish design toy reproduction appropriate for collectors over the age of 14+.

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