Il Tornitore Matto / Discolo orange

ALESSI | Italy

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Il Tornitore Matto / Discolo orange

Multi-purpose Centrepiece

Federico Angi for Alessi 2023 / North American Release 2024

Aluminum Sheet, Anodized

[H 0.98 x Ø 13.39"]

Fascinated by the aluminium trays used in Cologne, Germany to serve the local Kölschstyle beer, Federico Angi designed a seemingly elementary and familiar object. Discolo is a centrepiece with a generous rim that conceals a complex design and production details. The anodized aluminium emphasise the object's shape and give it a strong scenic presence. Each piece is marked with the production year and a sequential number.

About the Il Tornitore Matto Collection: Metals used for the Il Tornitore Matto collection are copper, brass, aluminium and stainless steel. Finishes are mirror-polished, satin-polished, anodization (an irreversible electrochemical procedure whereby a protective layer of aluminium oxide is formed on the treated surface, protecting the object from corrosion), silver-plating and Physical Vapour Deposition (PVD) whereby a thin film of metal is formed on different substrates. The process takes place in a vacuum chamber where the metals chosen for deposition are evaporated (for instance zirconium, titanium and zine).