Flair Glass Teapot Warmer

Trendglas Jena

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Flair Glass Teapot Warmer

Otto Schott Jenaer Glass Germany 2004 / Re-edition Trendglas Jena Germany 2005

Heat-resistant Borosilicate Glass / Stainless Steel

[H 8.2 x Ø 14.8cm]

The Flair glass tea warmer keeps your prepared tea warm in the pot for a long time. The replaceable tealight is designed at just the optimal distance from your glass teapot to keep your tea at the ideal temperature for a longer and more enjoyable tea time experience. May be used with all Trendglas Glass teapots.
Borosilicate glass is easy to clean and hygienic in use due to its pore-free surface. Heat resistant up to 450°C/842°F and do not release any substances and are therefore suitable for allergy sufferers. Dishwasher Safe

Heat-resistant glass for domestic use was produced in Jena, Germany for the first time around 1920. By developing borosilicate glass, Otto Schott created a universal material which, after laboratories and the industry, quickly conquered households as well.
Since production was stopped in the Schott Jenaer Glas GmbH company in 2005, you may now find their original heat-resistant glass designs with the re-editions from the Trendglas Jena collection. Made in Germany.