Joyful Gifting: Small Gifts x Big Joy

Posted by Studio Brillantine on 17th Nov 2023

Joyful Gifting: Small Gifts x Big Joy

Displayed together with all the award-winning housewares, design objects, personal accessories and museum pieces--Studio Brillantine also stocks a large selection of Blind Box and Capsule Toy Figures and Character merchandise from Tintin, Studio Ghibli, The Moomins, etc. These collectible products are enjoyable for the casual or serious collector--we have curated a wide selection which include small, fun figures right up to the rare limited editions.

These presents are perfect for the holidays, birthdays, celebrations and any other special occasion -- or just to gift bringing joy, smiles and happiness.

Blind Box figures are fun and playful special little gifts that bring a lot of joy and happiness in a small package. As the words "blind box" describe--it is the expectation and element of surprise before you unbox your carefully selected package and the eventual reward from unboxing these small treasures--making them an enjoyable and popular item for gifting and/or for collectors of all ages. Studio Brillantine carries a large assortment of blind boxes most of which are limited editions.

Our Blind Box assortment is available here

Blind Box Studio Brillantine Toronto Canada

Studio Brillantine Blind Box Toronto Canada

Studio Ghibli has created some of the most memorable and lovable characters from their anime features. Luckily there is a wide assortment for all fans of Studio Ghibli with their gift merchandise and collectible figurines. Studio Brillantine stocks a curated selection of characters merchandise from the most iconic Studio Ghibli anime features: My Neighbour Totoro, Spirited Away, Kiki's Delivery Service, etc. Bring to life and enjoy seeing your favourite Ghibli character right into your living space.Our Studio Ghibli merchandise is available here.

Studio Brillantine Studio Ghibli Toronto Canada

Sonny Angel has been very sought after due to his "cute little boy in headgear" adorableness going viral on social media. Any Sonny Angel series that becomes available sells out instantly [and sometimes overnight!] once announced on social media. Finding Sonny Angel availability has been even more of a challenge to acquire for collectors due to its short supply worldwide and escalating demand. With this is in mind Studio Brillantine has put some purchasing limits for stock so all of our Sonny Angel customers may continue to add to their Sonny Angel collections.

Our Sonny Angel Series is available here.

Studio Brillantine Sonny Angel Toronto Canada

Capsule Toy figures [or Gachapon/Gashopon in Japanese] were created in Japan in the 1960's. They are very similar to Blind Box figures and collectibles as there is an element of surprise and chance in not knowing which one you will get. The main difference is the packaging which consists of a plastic recyclable ball which encapsulates your selected limited edition figure. In Japan they are sold in coin operated Gachapon machines.

Our Capsule Toy Figures / Gachapon-Gashapon collection is available here.

Studio Brillantine Capsule Toy Gachapon Toronto Canada

Moomin or The Moomins are the central characters in a series of novels, short stories, and a comic strip by Finnish writer and illustrator Tove Jannson. The many colourful personalities of the Moomin characters reveal much and reflect human nature. The Moomin characters are well-loved and have a large readership as their adventures have been translated into over 50 languages. 

Our Moomin collection is available here.

Studio Brillantine Moomin Moomins Toronto Canada

Kaiju Japanese Monsters Ultraman and Godzilla always have a special place in Studio Brillantine. We stock various Japanese Kaiju vinyl figures from new to rare out of production figures.

Our Kaiju Japanese Monster collection is available here.

Studio Brillantine Kaiju Japanese Monster Figure Toronto Canada

Miffy is a fictional rabbit appearing in a series of picture books drawn and written by Dutch artist Dick Bruna. The first Miffy book was produced in 1955 and almost thirty others have followed. At first Miffy looked like a toy animal with floppy ears, but by 1963, her design was changed to her current incarnation a stylized form of a rabbit. Miffy is drawn in a graphic style, with minimalist black graphic lines. Bruna's books have been translated into more than 50 different languages, and over 85 million copies have been sold all over the world. [Wikipedia]

Our Miffy merchandise is available here.

Studio Brillantine Miffy Toronto Canada

Smiski is the very special collectible figurine that glows in the dark. Available in a variety of products such as blind boxes, key chains, toothbrush [or pen] holder, zipper pulls, etc. They are described as "...curious creatures that love hiding around corners and small spaces. They stay hidden and their existence is a bit of a mystery. At night they start to glow, though nobody quite knows why..." Studio Brillantine has been selling Smiski since its launch in 2015 and Smiski merchandise with its special and humorous series garners new collectors very easily.

Our Smiski Series is available here.

Studio Brillantine Smiski Toronto Canada

Studio Brillantine Smiski Toronto Canada

Tintin a courageous young Belgian reporter and adventurer aided by his faithful dog Snowy and other main characters -- Captain Haddock, Professor Calculus and Thomson and Thompson are all represented in a wide range of Tintin merchandise and gifts. Moulinsart from Belgium oversees the merchandising and goods for "The Adventures of Tintin" and their selection is vast ranging from small gifts and upwards to rare, highly-detailed limited edition sculptures.

Our Tintin merchandise is available here.

Studio Brillantine Tintin Toronto Canada

Sumikko Gurashi is a set of fictional characters designed by Yuri Yokomizu and produced by the Japanese company San-X. The name directly translates to "life in the corner". The main Sumikko characters are Shirokuma, a polar bear who dislikes the cold, Penguin? who is unsure of being a penguin, Tonkatsu, a piece of leftover pork cutlet, Neko, a timid and anxious cat, and Tokage, a dinosaur who pretends to be a lizard. They are all adorably cute and have distinct personalities making them popular.

Our Sumikko Gurashi merchandise is available here.

Studio Brillantine Sumikko Gurashi Toronto Canada

Studio Brillantine Sumikko Gurashi Toronto Canada

Bring Joy, Fun and Surprise!!! to all your gifting and special occasions with these small and yet very special and delightful collections.

Studio Brillantine is a design shop in Toronto, Canada and carries an extensive selection of gifts, international design objects from all over the world.