Vivienne Westwood Sterling Jubilee Pendant gold

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Vivienne Westwood Sterling Jubilee Pendant gold

Vivienne Westwood 2013

Gold-plating on 925 Sterling Silver

[Chain length Min. 40 to 44cm with 3 hoops / Safety pin 2cm x 0.6cm, Paper clip and Orb detail]

From Vivienne Westwood's Sterling Silver Jewellery collection and inspired by her punk roots, the Jubilee pendant sees the safety pin delicately crafted in sterling silver with the Vivienne Westwood logo engraved into the safety pin's surface and clasp. Looped to a dainty chain, the trademark Westwood orb gently swings from the pin. The necklace fastens by a paper clip design, which was first featured in Vivienne Westwood's Hardcore Diamonds collection. The necklace is elegantly finished with gold plating and has three fine hoops, so that you can alter its length.