Vivienne Westwood Graziella Pearl Choker gold-creamrose


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Vivienne Westwood Graziella Pearl Choker gold-creamrose

Vivienne Westwood 2023 / 2024

Brass / Cubic Zirconia Crystals / Gold-plating / Glass Pearls / Magnet

Available Sizes: [Length VW size: W1 / 33cm or W2 / 38.5cm]

The Graziella Pearl Choker is a new classic, this style combines two rows of 8mm glass-based pearls connecting with a smaller 21mm orb set with cubic zirconia motif at the centre. The orb works as the closure with a magnetic function that slots together for a seamless finish and sits at the centre.

Fitted with two rows of glass-based pearls that are threaded and knotted by hand to ensure that they stay in place, the gold-tone Graziella Pearl Choker features the Westwood crystal-encrusted Orb in the centre.

Vivienne Westwood pearls are made of durable high-quality glass and coated with pearlescent material. All pearls are generated in a way to simulate natural pearls and therefore have natural looking imperfections. None of the coatings or processes contain animal products or bi-products.

Note: Specify size at checkout W1 or W2 size