Ultraman Ultrahero Yullian 5.5"

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Ultraman Ultrahero Yullian 5.5"

Vinyl Japanese Collectible Figure

Eiju Tsuburaya 1966 / Tsuburaya Productions for Bandai

(5.5" H]

A highly-detailed and accurate reproduction of Yullian (ユリアン Yurian) who is the princess of the Land of Light, and a childhood friend of Ultraman 80.

Ultraman, also known as the Ultra Series (Japanese: ウルトラシリーズ, Hepburn: Urutora Shirīzu), is the collective name for all media produced by Tsuburaya Productions featuring Ultraman, his many brethren, and the myriad monsters. Debuting with Ultra Q and then Ultraman in 1966, the series is one of the most prominent tokusatsu superhero genre productions from Japan. Wikipedia