Tintin Icons Shark Submarine / Les Icônes / Statuette

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Tintin Icons "Shark Submarine" / Les Icônes / Statuette

Hergé/Moulinsart 2022

Hand-Painted Resin/Polychrome/Perspex

[L 26.5cm x W 10cm x H 15.2cm]

Includes: Numbered Certificate of Authenticity

The second piece in the “Les Icônes” collection is the Shark Submarine from the adventure Red Rackham’s Treasure. This is a stunning resin replica of the invention of Professor Calculus, “And here’s my apparatus for exploring the sea-bed”.

The submarine is fixed on a transparent stand at the right height to give the impression that the craft is floating. The base is painted yellow to give the impression of the sand on the seabed. Attention to detail even including the little red button….