The Tending Box / Mixing Glass

ALESSI | Italy

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The Tending Box / Mixing Glass

Giulio Iacchetti [with advice from Oscar Quagliarini] for Alessi 2022

18/10 Stainless Steel

[H 16 x  L 10.3 x Ø 9.3cm / Capacity: .75L, 25.4 oz]

The mixing glass designed by Giulio Iacchetti rethinks the most classic forms of the type, enriching them with a unique design in harmonious synthesis with extreme functionality: a must-have for the mixologist.

About the Tending Box: The collection of articles for preparing cocktails designed by Giulio lacchetti with bartender Oscar Quagliarini.
In a balanced synthesis of form and function, the most classic tools of this 'discipline' have been reinterpreted: cocktail shaker, bar strainer, mixing glass, cocktail measure, mixing spoon and bar stirrer.
Thanks to Oscar Quagliarini's accurate innovative suggestions, this project rethinks the very gestures of mixology, introducing new technical features and refined aesthetic details from the knob of the Parisienne shaker, which assures a precise and secure grip, to the double spring of the strainer which allows for accurate modulation of the straining, and the "Quadri Combo Jigger" which reinterprets the traditional cocktail measure, creating a new type with innovative performance.