The Big Book of Breasts 2022 Edition / 12" Large Format Sexy Book / Adults Only

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The Big Book of Breasts 2022 Edition / Sexy Picture Book Large Format / Adults Only

Dian Hanson for Taschen 2006 / Reprinted Edition 2022

Hardcover / 396 pages / with some text: English, German, French

[H 12" x W 12" x D 1.5"]

The long-awaited Taschen re-print is now available once again ! Within the 396 pages of this book Dian Hanson explores the origins of mammary madness through three decades of natural big-breasted nudes. It contains nine original interviews, including the first with Tempest Storm and Uschi Digard in over a decade, and the last with Candy Barr before her untimely death in 2005. In a world where silicone is now the norm, these spectacular real women stand as testament that nature knows best.

This new 2022 large format edition is now reprinted in Italy with improved image resolution and paper quality than previous editions.

“A ‘Boob Bible’ celebrating three decades of natural busts.” -- The Sun