Taboo Cigarette / Cannabis Set

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Taboo Cigarette / Cannabis Set

LPWK and Silvia Barile for Alessi 2020

18/10 Stainless Steel, Magnet, Thermoplastic Resin

[L 4" x W 3" x  D 1.75"]

Taboo is a cigarette set designed by LPWK and Silvia Barile. This small object has been designed to intercepts the rising popularity of a more conscious approach towards smoking, especially among young people, who tend to replace industrial cigarettes with roll-your-own cigarettes, made with good loose tobacco chosen in a tobacconist's.

Taboo is the perfect partner to develop a more conscious and contained consumption. Cigarettes made with loose tobacco create a different relationship with smoking, which is "slow" and less compulsive. Moreover, the amount of tobacco used to roll a cigarette is half that contained in an industrial one. May be used at home or on the go...