Spal Titanium Ice Cream Scoop

ALESSI | Italy

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Product Overview

Spal Titanium Ice Cream Scoop

Ergonomic Ice Cream / Gelato Scoop

Giulio Iacchetti for IFI and Alessi 2017 / Out of Production

Titanium, Thermoplastic Resin

[L 10.25"]

Titanium is a metal lighter than stainless steel, more-resistant, highly anti-bacterial and has a lower thermal conductivity--ideal for an ice cream scoop. 

“Spal”, developed in collaboration with the company IFI -an Italian company which specialises in technologies and furnishings for cafés and ice-cream parlours – the “Spal” ice-cream scoop combines Giulio Iacchetti’s elemental design with superior functional performance. “Spal” is made of titanium, a sophisticated and unusual material for a household object, “Spal” is a small handy tool made by professionals to give you the full experience of enjoying ice cream even at home.

The thermoplastic resin handle is ergonomic and functional and it is designed to allow a convenient grip while avoiding your fingers coming into contact with the ice-cream.