Smiski Glow Zipperbite Zipper Pull [hugging knees]

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Smiski Glow Zipperbite Zipper Pull [hugging knees]


These new SMISKI figures have been discovered clinging to your favorite zipper to quietly watch over you. You can attach Smiski Zipperbites to a variety of zippers… jackets or coats, backpacks, pen cases… anything with an appropriately sized zipper pull. "ZIPPERBITE", a unique new product and is attached by hooking it onto the hole of the zipper pull.

When SMISKI is hugging knees!
SMISKI hugging knees sits quietly in a corner where you might find it.
When attached to your zipper, SMISKI Hugging Knees is a zen-like figure.

Smiski is made of phosphorescent material that absorbs light and emits light when it gets dark, Smiski glows in the dark.

smiski zipper bite