Porco Rosso "Bleah!!" / Studio Ghibli Vintage Glass Collection


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 Porco Rosso "Bleah!!" / Studio Ghibli Vintage Glass Collection

Hayao Miyazaki & Studio Ghibli 1992 / Official Studio Ghibli Merchandise

Tempered Glass with Pattern

[H 5.5" x Ø 2.75" / 12.5 oz]

Officially licensed by Studio Ghibli, Porco Rosso " Bleah!!" retro glass. Featuring a bright, charming and vintage inspired design crafted in Japan with quality glass. You will enjoy every last drop of your drink from this eye-catching glass!

Bringing imagination to life, Studio Ghibli has achieved international success and acclaim. The iconic anime characters have captured the hearts of millions worldwide. Licensed and approved by Studio Ghibli and made in Japan.

*Hand Wash Only