Menageri Serving Plate

Rosendahl Design Group | Denmark

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Menageri Serving Plate

Kay Bojesen 1940/Re-edition Kay Bojesen Denmark and Rosendahl Design Group 2019/By Appointment to the Royal Danish Court

Oak Wood [100% FSC-Certified sustainable]/Matte Lacquer [Food grade approved]

[H 2.4 x W 13.8 x Ø 9.6"]

The elegant oak serving platter from Kay Bojesen’s Menageri range. It is 9.6" in diameter and has an attractive, organic handle that sits nicely in your hand as you serve. The platter unites all the parts of the Menageri range and can be used as a plat-de-menage. The platter can also be used as a serving dish, e.g. for cold cuts or fruit, as it has a food-grade finish, which ensures the wood is not susceptible to food stains.

Please be aware that the platter is not cut-resistant or scratch-proof.

From the kitchen counter to the dining table and back again. Menageri is a series of essential tools ideal both for cooking and serving.
From counter to table - Menageri is created for everyday life. For the regular rituals and spontaneous moments that unfold on a daily basis in the kitchen and around the dining table. And, just like the kitchen counter and the dining table, Menageri is a constant centerpiece. It's part of those essential routines we can't do without, where we share the events of our day while passing the salt around the table.
Menageri is a nod to the chaos of everyday life.Kay Bojesen logo