Lovey Panda / Rune Naito

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Lovey Panda / Rune Naito

Collectible Figurine


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Lovey Panda is a boldly formed panda that was commercialized and launched in 1971 the year before the panda came to Japan in 1972 at Ueno Zoo in Tokyo. Lovey Panda became the first panda character in Japan. Rune Naito's illustration of the "cute" panda, had a great influence on subsequent panda goods and the depiction of the panda bear as a drawn and animated character.


Rune Naito has created many works and characters over the years since the 1960's.
All of them are cute with gentle expressions, and continue to give dreams and impressions to everyone who sees them. Naito is credited with pioneering the Japanese contemporary culture and aesthetic of kawaii (lit. "lovable" or "cute").