Lil' Foxes' Summer / OKluna

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Lil' Foxes' Summer / OKluna

OKluna for Pop Mart 2019

Collectible Figurine


OKluna’s Goobi the Kid Fox gives us all a new surprise! More foxy cuteness with these finely detailed creations from OKluna x POP MART--these collectibles from Pop Mart are a step up in cuteness as expected from Pop Mart.

N.B. Each sold in a Blind Box Packaging: You do not know which one you will get until opening the package [1 of 12 variations]. You will be excited and have fun to see what is in there. For collectors 15+--not suitable for children. Choking hazard, small parts.

[H 2.5-3.25" depending on variation]