G-type Soy Sauce / Seasoning Pot white

HAKUSAN Porcelain | Japan

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G-type Soy Sauce / Seasoning Pot white

Masahiro Mori for Hakusan 1958


(H 9.5cm x Ø Base 9.5cm x L with spout 9.5cm / Capacity 160ml recommended 100ml)

The The G-type Soy Sauce Seasoning Pot is one of Masahiro Mori's most recognized designs. It retains a beautiful balance between function and form. The design is such that the liquid does not drip from the "elephant nose" shaft when poured. It features a stable bottom shape, an easy-to-grip construction, a wide mouth that makes it easy to refill and a spout that does not easily drip. Made in Japan.

Awards: Good Design Japan 1960 / Good Design Japan "Long Life Award" 1977 and 2018

Permanent Collection: Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo / MOMAT

My Design Philosophy
"My pleasure as a designer is to conceive of forms for daily use,
and to create pieces for production in the factory,
so that many people can appreciate and enjoy using them."

Masahiro Mori