Elph the Elephant Light

HEICO Lights | Germany

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Product Overview

Elph the Elephant Light

Heico Germany

Light Object/Sculpture

Thermodynamic moulded PVC/Rope/Cord/LED

[H 19.5 x L 28cm]

Elph the Elephant Light has a cute rope tail and creates a very soft and cosy atmosphere in any room. With its ecological and very economical LED bulb it emits a subtle glow with enough light for reading. An ideal light for children of all ages. It may also be displayed on a bedside table, a chest of drawers, bookshelf or on the floor. 

Heico lights emit a soft, warm glow that is a perfect decorative addition for any room.

Heico was founded in 1873 and the lights were introduced in 1979. In fact, some of the figurines are much older, but were not made as light objects, but as garden decorations. The Heico light collection is handcrafted on a relatively small scale in Germany where they are each created and painted by a small group of skilled artisans.