Eklipta Mobile

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Product Overview

Eklipta Mobile

Briggita and Benedict Martig-Imhof for Tät-Tat 2013

Laser cut vellum paper, hand-tied with jewelry silk

Tät-Tat founders Briggita and Benedict Martig-Imhof continue to explore the colorfully graphic possibilities of mobiles with the Eklipta. A self-adhesive tack makes them easy to stick and re-stick to a ceiling or window-frame. Loosely wrap them around an energy-saving bulb or drape them on a table for a festive effect. A great effect in any room, nursery (above a diaper station!) classroom or office.

Swiss designers Briggita and Benedict founded Tät-Tat to produce playful items that well thought out, well packaged and ethically crafted. Through 20 workshops throughout Switzerland and Germany, they employ upwards of 300 craftspeople who happen to be physically or mentally challenged. But the couple say they are "not appealing to buyers' compassion but rather trying to be innovative and creative...the aim is to turn around a seeming weakness to make it a genuine strength.

[34" L, 2.75" W / 40" L with silk string]