Donna Wilson Mini Creatures Limited Edition

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Donna Wilson Mini Creatures Limited Edition

Donna Wilson UK 2023

Donna Wilson is an award-winning Scottish designer and textile artist. She is renowned for her original handmade creatures, knitted from the softest lambswool and cashmere yarns.

Donna Wilson Mini Creatures Limited Edition

Six of Donna Wilson’s most popular curious creatures (plus one secret!) have been reproduced as collectable palm-sized figures. Each one comes in a cute house-shaped package - half the fun is finding out which creature you will meet when you open up the box!

Donna Wilson Mini Creatures Limited Edition

Cyril is one of Donna Wilson’s first creatures and the most distinctive. He is half fox, half squirrel. He is mischievous and likes marmalade, but dislikes cottage cheese. Donna doesn’t like to choose favorites, but he’s her long-time love.

Rill Raccoon is very lively and never stops running around. The offspring of Cyril Squirrel Fox and Rudie Raccoon, he loves catching caterpillars and worms.

Bibi is a little bear with a pampered personality who moves at his own pace. He dislikes strong perfume and fast movements, but likes strawberry licorice laces.

Donna Wilson Mini Creatures Limited Edition b

Mono Cat loves to eat mint humbugs – maybe that’s why he has such bright green eyes! He’s a fashionable cat that you can’t help but fall in love with.

Charlie Monkey likes to show off. His long arms and legs make him the greatest dancer, but he’s terrified of thunder and lightning.

Richie Lion is the mane man. You might not think it to look at him, but he loves 80s aerobics and dislikes porridge.

Donna Wilson
(Textile Artist / Designer)
Donna Wilson grew up in the northeast of Scotland, where she spent her childhood on her family’s farm, surrounded by nature. She made her first knitted lambswool creatures while studying at the Royal College of Art in London. Since then, Donna has built a business selling her unique, colorful homeware, knitwear, accessories, and odd objects around the world. The Donna Wilson studio is currently based in London.

 N.B. Sold in Blind Box Packaging: You do not know which one you will get until opening the package.