Why am I Sushi ? / Nekozushi Series 3

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Why am I Sushi ? / Nekozushi Series 3

Yellow Brain Co. Ltd. 2019

  • Cats + Sushi = "Nekozushi". The Most Awesome Mythical Creatures Ever!
  • Please note: You will get only 1 of the 4 characters in the picture. Collect all 4 different Sushi Cats!
  • Each Blind Box includes one Sushi Cat mini-figure which comes with a detachable key ring.

 N.B. Sold in Blind Box Packaging: You do not know which one you will get until opening the package. You will be excited and have fun to see what is in there. For collectors 14+ -- not suitable for children under 3. Choking hazard, small parts.

[5cm L x 3.5cm H approximately]