Sonny Angel New York / Limited Special Edition

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Sonny Angel New York / Limited Special Edition / 2020

Collectible Figurine


!n this new special series, you can find glamorous NYC-style Sonny Angels!
Each figure expresses NYC culture with features and images inspired by The Big Apple!
Each Sonny Angel has a pop and flashy motif, different from usual ones. You can surely feel the pleasant atmosphere of NYC!

Each is sold in blind box packaging: You do not know which one you will get until opening the package. You will be excited and have fun to see what is in there. You will receive 1 of 4 designs or a "secret figure".

Sonny Angel is a cute boy with headgear. He doesn’t talk to you, but Sonny Angel makes you smile, makes you happy, makes your daily life bit more delightful. As your tiny friend, Sonny Angel is always by your side, to protect you, give you comfort, and make you smile… that is Sonny Angel’s mission.

[7.5 cm H approximately depending on figurine]