New Moka 6 Chipperfield

ALESSI | Italy

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New Moka 6 Chipperfield

Espresso Maker

David Chipperfield for Alessi 2019


[H 18 x W 10.5 cm / Capacity: 30 cl]

Designed by architect David Chipperfield, Moka is an artist's interpretation of a timeless icon of the Italian culture and takes on the classic Italian coffee maker invented by Alfonso Bialetti in the 1930s. Bialetti was the maternal grandfather of Alessi founder Alberto Alessi. He developed his Moka in 1931, although it did not become a commercial success until more than a decade later, when his son Renato Bialetti pushed it out to the international market.

An eleven-sided volume for a coffee maker with a familiar and at the same time innovative form: Chipperfield introduces a series of details that make the Moka design new and even more functional, such as the flat lid on which to place the cups to be heated - allowing optimum enjoyment of the aroma and flavour of the drink - or the position of the knob which allows you to easily raise the lid, using only one hand.