Mighty Wallet Eboy

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Product Overview

Mighty Wallet Eboy

Eboy for Mighty Wallet 2010 / Out of Production


[Open: W 8" x H 3.25"]

2 large pockets for cash and receipts.
2 credit card pockets that expand to hold lots of cards.
2 quick access business card pockets.

The Mighty Wallet® is tear-resistant, water-resistant, expandable and recyclable. Made from Tyvek® (think express mail envelopes), these cool wallets resist tearing because of thousands of interlocking plastic fibers spun in random patterns, giving them incredible strength. The ingenious origami construction was and is the original folded wallet made of Tyvek® designed by Terrence Kelleman.

Mighty Wallet is attractive because it is eco-friendly and water resistant.  It is made out of Tyvek® (by Dupont).  Although it looks like paper, it is not paper.  It is a “non woven mesh of 100% high-density polytheylene fibres”.  It has been used for packaging, apparel, construction, air cargo covers and others.

Tyvek® was discovered in 1955 and it is a sheet product that is stronger than paper and very durable.  It is lightweight, durable, recyclable (made from 100% HDPE with no fillers and binders) , feels like paper, tear-resistant, absorbs little water and made out of environmentally friendly materials that has a multitude of uses.  Unlike cardboard and LDPE, it reduces CO2 emissions and ozone layer depletion.