Little Cabin Incense Burner

Kikkerland | USA

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Product Overview

Little Cabin Incense Burner

Wood, Metal

[H 9 x L 10 x W 7.5 cm]

The Little Cabin Incense Burner is the perfect way to freshen up your home, patio, or anywhere you want to enjoy incense. Small and easy to use, this adorable wooden house will give incense lovers a reason to smile. The smoke rising from the chimney gives any room a rustic charm while emitting a fresh fragrance.The perfect gift for any occasion - housewarmings, winter holidays,etc., - for all the incense lovers. It’s also a nice little gift for yourself. While you sit and read that novel, drinking your tea, light your Little Cabin Incense Burner and relax. Includes 10 incense logs with balsamic wood scent to get started...afterwards use with your favourite incense sticks or cones.

Note: May also be used for Japanese incense sticks with holders by using half the stick length