Firebird 2.0 gold / Lighter / Alessi Values Collection

ALESSI | Italy

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Firebird 2.0 gold / Lighter / Alessi Values Collection

Sculptural Arc Lighter

Guido Venturini for Alessi 1993 / Re-edition 2021

Thermoplastic Resin, PVD gold finish, Stainless Steel, Electronic component, USB Rechargeable

[L 10.24" x W 3.94"]

The re-edition is a new and improved version that expands its use: Firebird 2.0 is an electric arc lighter that supplies enough heat to light a cigarette, incense, a candle, tea lights, gas burners and paper in a fireplace, etc.

The Firebird gas lighter was first created in 1993 following a design workshop to investigate the communicative dimension of objects, their ability to inspire, intrigue and amuse people, in a word, to relate to them. Over the years it became a real pop icon. It is one of the most explicit and "courageous" of all the design objects in the Alessi catalogue with its reference to the "erotic code".

 Alessi 100th Year Anniversary [1921-2021] / Alessi Values Collection