Farfalla (Butterfly) Nutcracker / Alessi Values Collection

ALESSI | Italy

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Farfalla (Butterfly) Nutcracker / Alessi Values Collection

Enzo Mari for Alessi 1994 / Alessi 2021 / North American Release 2022

18/10 Stainless Steel

[H 10cm x W 6.1cml]

A project that in just a few strokes captures the deepest essence of the object and the gesture that accompanies it, the Farfalla (butterfly) nutcracker is an example of that process of painstaking elimination of the superfluous that has always accompanied Enzo Mari's research. Designed at the end of the 1990's and never realised, its production in 2021 pays tribute to one of the Masters of Italian design. A substantial design to rediscover a gesture as simple as it is essential, such as cracking nuts.

Alessi 100th Year Anniversary [1921-2021] / Alessi Values Collection